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18 | PINNACLE | | PINNACLE | PULSE HEART HEALTH By Andrea Bosco Stehle Matters of the Heart ▼ ▼ Getting to know your body well is key to preventing a heart attack Approximately 610,000 people succumb to heart disease in the United States every year, making it the lead- ing cause of death for both men and women. But adopting healthier habits today can lower the risk factors of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovas- cular diseases. "Eating healthy, staying active, not smoking, drinking in mod- eration, managing stress, and control- ling our numbers—i.e., cholesterol and blood pressure—helps to maintain heart health," says Dr. Gonzalo Loveday, medical director of cardiology at Mount Sinai Heart New York at Jupiter Medical Center. While the risk factors are the same for everyone, the signs of heart disease differ in men and women. "Most men have the typical textbook description: sweating, heaviness in the left arm, and tightness across the chest," says Loveday. "In women, that presentation is very different. They may experience chest pain, heartburn, pain in the left or right arm, pain or numbness in the left hand or upper extremity, jaw or neck pain.... Or it could be as simple as short- ness of breath or fatigue." Being tuned in to how our bodies are responding or presenting themselves is crucial. If you think you are experienc- ing any symptoms, you should call 911 and chew on four baby aspirins or one adult aspirin while you await help. This can limit the amount of damage to the heart muscle, says Loveday. He also suggests becoming familiar with your blood pressure and choles- terol levels. "Don't generalize," he says, explaining that everyone's "normal" numbers differ. You want to be able to recognize when your numbers are going in a bad direction so you can "modify and correct, and in the long run reduce your risk of a heart attack." Ç For more information, please call 561.220.6674. Symptoms in Women Symptoms in Men • chest pain • heartburn • pain in the left or right arm • pain or numbness in the left hand or upper extremity • jaw pain • neck pain • shortness of breath • fatigue • sweating • shortness of breath • heaviness in the left arm • tightness, heaviness, pressure, or discomfort across the chest

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