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Fall 2018

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Page 28 of 79 | PINNACLE | 27 riding a stationary bike all the time, your body becomes complacent. "Doing what you've done for many months and years at a comfort- able level won't cause much adaptation at all," says Ambrose. Instead, incorporate high-intensity interval training workouts into your strength training: Alternate between a steady walking pace and a brisk power walk, jumping jacks, or jump rope. This will elevate the heart rate and help lower choles- terol and blood pressure, control blood sugar, increase physical stamina, improve the appearance of skin, and release hormones that increase energy and combat de- pression and stress. Exercises that simulate everyday activities are also beneficial, as they work multiple muscle groups at once, boosting hand-eye coordination, agility, and balance. Seek out a trainer To get the most out of strength training, newbies might consider working with a personal trainer, who can determine an appropriate starting point that's customized for you and teach proper form. "A good trainer will identify what makes you tick, ease you into a program, and train you to be fit enough to exercise well," says Ambrose. "A foundation is built on what the client enjoys, result- ing in a custom routine you'll be able to embrace." Once you're in a rhythm, you can fly solo—but continue to see your trainer once a week (or once every two weeks) for progressions. The key is to keep upping the ante on challeng- ing your body. Ç For more information, please call 561.220.7671.

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