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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 | COBB LIFE 19 hopefully will touch somebody. Some people paint a flower exactly how it looks, but mine are always a little bit askew - maybe more of how a flower feels than how it looks. I hope my art makes somebody smile, makes them happy and impacts their life in a positive way." From the beginning of her art business 20 years ago, Spirit wanted her paintings, ceramics and jewelry to bring happiness to other people, as well as herself. "I create things that reflect love, and my customers responded to that. If I make things that are forced that I don't enjoy, things just to sell and make a living, they wouldn't do as well. I wouldn't get the same response." She no longer creates large paintings or ceramics to sell, but focuses instead on her jewelry for her Spirited stores and online business. "I make art you can wear that encourages us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, start each day with a grateful heart, live bold and brave and enjoy every moment. e art reminds us that not all who wander are lost, and that wisdom comes with time," she said. "I always do the artwork first, and then decide what it means to me. A lot of my inspiration comes from all the books I read. I don't watch television much," added the artist, who reads as many as 12 books a month, including everything from "self-help and inspirational to action- adventure and fluff. Right now, I'm reading about how the

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