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22 COBB LIFE | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 | 800.763.4444 | Thank You FOR NOMINATING US BEST BANK! Smyrna: 3016 Atlanta Rd Marietta: 3596 Dallas Hwy | 3324 Canton Rd Don't forget to vote December 30 - January 25 that was my middle name," she said. "I used to get teased a lot as a kid, so when I was six, so I decided to change my name to Mandy. For six months, that's what everyone had to call me. But then I went back to Spirit, and I've been Spirit ever since. It's a perfect name for me." "Aer my parents divorced, Mom married a rock musi- cian. ere were a lot of drugs and rock and roll jam sessions in the house. It was never going to be a traditional life for me, even if I wanted it. I'm always being creative and being open to new things. Change doesn't scare me," she said, adding that she has moved nearly 20 times in her life. She lived in Guam and Honduras before moving to Washington State to be closer to her mother, who had also moved to the West Coast. Her family moved again to Georgia, and brought her Aussie mindset with her. Her first retail store opened in Woodstock three years ago. "It's about being a little carefree, to be creative, and feel there's nothing to stop you," she said. "Every day can be amazing. Enjoy life. Ask yourself, 'What can I do today that brings me happiness and brings happiness to others?' at's truly the essence of living on the beach in Australia. As we get older, we lose some of that fun spirit. I'm helping my customers reclaim some that. You're never too old to enjoy yourself, so wear clothes that make you happy and jewelry that makes you smile, to be unique and be truly you." I'M ALWAYS BEING CREATIVE AND BEING OPEN TO NEW THINGS. CHANGE DOESN'T SCARE ME," SAID THE ARTIST, WHO HAS MOVED NEARLY 20 TIMES IN HER LIFE. Bush also owns five Spirited Boutiques, including this one in e Avenue West Cobb

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