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Haine. It's a seemingly intangible and unrealistic makeup of one's being, for some. For others, it just comes naturally. But can you really teach yourself to be happy, even in the face of the inevi- table negative curveballs life will throw at you? According to Kennesaw State University Business Professor Dr. Ken Harmon, the answer is "yes," and creating happiness in life doesn't require getting a bigger paycheck or buying a larger house. In fact, his research has proven that those things actually oen deter people from finding happiness. "To be happy, we just need to stop looking outward and look inward and know it is within our full control to be happy or not happy," Dr. Harmon says, who has researched the science behind happiness for years. He speaks to groups and companies across the country on the topic, helping managers and employees create positive and productive workplaces. "Ninety percent of happiness does not have to do with money, but rather comes from ATTITUDE of THANK YOU N THANK YOU N THANK YOU THANK YOU N THANK FORGET FAME AND FORTUNE - RESEARCH SHOWS THAT THE REAL SECRET TO HAPPINESS IS AS SIMPLE AS BEING THANKFUL. " Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. " – ABRAHAM LINCOLN Gratitude STORY BY KATY RUTH CAMP 34 COBB LIFE | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019

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