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56 COBB LIFE | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 J A N UA RY / F E B R UA RY R E L E A S E S CL FILM: A DOG'S WAY HOME Rated PG Jan. 11 Separated from her owner, a dog sets off on a 400-mile journey to get back to the safety and security of the place she calls home. Along the way, she meets a series of new friends and manages to bring a little bit of comfort and joy to their lives. FILM: THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Rated PG Jan. 25 Old-school magic meets the modern world when young Alex stumbles upon the mythical sword Excalibur. He soon joins forces with a band of knights and the legendary wizard Merlin when the wicked enchantress Morgana threatens the future of mankind. FILM: ISN'T IT ROMANTIC Rated PG-13 Feb. 14 Natalie is a New York architect who works hard to get noticed at her job, but is more likely to deliver coffee and bagels than design the city's next skyscraper. Things go from bad to weird when she gets knocked unconscious during a subway mugging and magically wakes up to find herself in an alternate universe. Always cynical about love, Natalie's worst nightmare soon comes true when she suddenly discovers that she's playing the lead- ing lady in a real-life romantic comedy. SHOW: SCHOOLED ABC Jan. 9 Set in the 1990s at the same William Penn Academy formerly attended by "The Gold- bergs," "Schooled" follows Head of School John Glascott as he leads a faculty of teachers with wildly different views on how to mentor students — and his tough-as-nails sister, Lucy, who joined his staff to enroll her teenage daughters Felicia and Gigi as new students. Glascott's nurturing and communicative approach to caring for children is particularly at odds with Coach Mellor's tough-guy belief that physical competition brings out the best in students. SHOW: THE PASSAGE FOX Jan. 14 Project Noah is a secret medical facility where scientists experiment with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease — but it also could potentially wipe out the human race. When a young girl is chosen to be a test subject, a federal agent is tasked with bringing her in, but he becomes her surrogate father, determined to protect her at any cost — even as Project Noah's work threatens to unleash an unimaginable apocalypse . SHOW: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Netflix Feb. 15 On the same day in 1989, forty-three infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven are adopted by Sir Regi- nald Hargreeves, a billionaire industrialist, who creates The Umbrella Academy and prepares his "children" to save the world. Now, with the imminent threat of a global apocalypse, the six surviving thirty-something members reunite upon the news of Har- greeves' passing. BOOK: AN ANONYMOUS GIRL By Greer Hendricks Jan. 8 When Jessica Farris signs up for a psychology study conducted by the mysterious Dr. Shields, she thinks all she'll have to do is answer a few questions, collect her money, and leave. But as the questions grow more and more intense and invasive and the sessions become outings where Jess is told what to wear and how to THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING

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