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JUNE 2019 | COBB LIFE 11 A fter a few days of trying to find a good anchoring spot in Nassau, we gave up and headed to a marina in anticipation of our son Clint's visit. He and his girlfriend, Sierra, arrived in Nassau February 7, after their cruise celebrating her birthday. This was our first visit from home! We decided we would do some sailing and anchoring at an island o• the coast near Nassau, then return to the Atlantis resort marina for the final part of their stay. Atlantis, while expensive, was still a good value compared to renting a room there. The price of the marina stay included access to the pools, restaurants, and water park. We had a very enjoyable Sunday there, cruising the water slides and trying out a few of the restaurants. I must confess that I was a bit blue when Clint and Sierra left us. It was a wonderful visit, and it made me not homesick, but perhaps family-sick. I really soak up the time with people who know us and love us. It made me look forward to the next visit with family (currently scheduled for the beginning of March). The next morning, we cast o• the lines and motor-sailed all day to Eleuthera. It was a little bumpy; we were sailing into the wind and the seas, which is not comfortable as compared to sailing with the waves coming from behind you. It took us about six hours to reach an anchorage at Royal Island, an uninhabited island on the northern end of Eleuthera. The next morning, we did some laundry, worked out, cleaned up and motored one more hour to Spanish Wells, where we picked up a mooring ball right near the town. For our non-boating friends, a mooring ball is like an anchor that you sail up to rather than bring with you. It's usually a heavy object (stone or concrete) with a buoy and a line attached. The line has a loop at the end, and you attach to lines from the bow (very front) of your boat through the loop and back to your boat. It is usually very secure. It is also, we discovered, diŠcult to pick up with just two people. We got a line attached to one side of Gratitude but were having trouble getting a line in from the other side. (We decided we need some longer dock lines for occasions such as this, to make it easier.) Fortunately, a guy in the boat moored next to us got in his dinghy and paddled over. He ran the second line through the loop for us. Turned out he was a fellow Mariettan! His name was Thad, and he lived in Marietta for about 11 years. We dinghied over later that day with some beer and our profuse thanks and had a nice visit with him. Our time in Spanish Wells was very laid-back. We checked out the local restaurants and rented a golf cart for a few hours to explore the town. It is the opposite of Nassau – very laid-back, no glitz, and not touristy, except for some rental properties for a few families who vacation here every year. No resorts, just a quiet, secluded beach. Great seafood, because their primary industry is fishing. Two supermarkets, but not like Publix back home – more expensive, less selection, but you can find almost everything you really need. We took one day away from the boat and visited Harbor Island. To get there, you go to Pinder's Supermarket the day before and tell them you need a taxi to the ferry dock. They'll tell you what time to be back there the next morning. The water taxi takes you across the channel to North Eleuthera. The captain ties up his boat, gets o•, and disappears for a few minutes – he's gone to get the passenger van. You transfer yourself into the van, which takes you to the public ferry dock on the other side of North Eleuthera. The captain tells you what time he'll be back at that public ferry dock, and that if you are even one minute late he will be OUTTA THERE. (He's quite emphatic about this.) Then, you get on the government ferry boat (one is always leaving or arriving within about 10 minutes of each other) and you ride over to Harbor Town. – • N a s s a u t o S pa n i s h W el l s • –

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