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JUNE 2019 | COBB LIFE 49 A Continuing Care Retirement Community offering comprehensive services for your needs now and in the future. For couples, the continuum of care provides increased health support if that becomes necessary while allowing both of you to remain in the same community. With a variety of care options, Presbyterian Village can be your home for a lifetime: Residential Living • Supportive Living • Memory Care • Skilled Nursing Presbyterian Village • 2000 East-West Connector • Austell, Georgia 30106 • 770.819.7412 releasable animals, the Wildlife Department of the Nature Center also treats animals brought in by the public. "We treat over 600 animals a year at our wildlife clinic," Gialanella said. Alongside the walkways that lead between the animal enclosures and beyond are more than three acres of gardens with more than 600 native plants. •e smell of •owers hangs in the air, and the call of songbirds greet visitors as they walk through the di erent gardens. In the Butter•y Garden, the center selected speci‚c plants to attract butter•ies. •e •owers provide nectar as food for the butter•ies as well as a place for the butter•ies to lay their eggs. •e CNC celebrates the butter•ies with its annual Butter•y Encounter, which runs from June through July. At the event, guests can see a variety of butter•ies up close and buy a nectar-stick to entice a butter•y to land on the sweetened twig. For a completely di erent habitat, visitors can cross Willeo Road and walk along the wooden boardwalk into the wetlands area. •e River Boardwalk Trail leads visitors on a raised, wooden boardwalk through shallow bodies of water and marshes. Everything is di erent in the wetlands and visitors notice the change in the lighting, the sounds and the smells. •e tall trees cast shadows on the boardwalk; the sounds change to the trills, croaks and chirps of frogs and toads; and the smell in the air changes to the musty scent of decomposing vegetation. •e River Boardwalk Trail leads visitors on a loop passing by a wide viewing spot of the Chattahoochee River and back to the Marsh Platform. On this platform, guests can oŽen spot ducks, heron or geese. •ese wetlands and the Chattahoochee River are an important part of our water system as Gialanella explains. "Atlanta gets 70 to 80% of its water from the Chattahoochee River," he said. "Its watershed is the smallest watershed in the United States, supplying the greatest amount of people. •at's why it's so important that it is kept as healthy as possible, but also why it's so important that pollutants don't get into it or are reduced as much as possible. Wetlands are a big part of that. Wetlands act as giant ‚lters. So the soil and the plants can ‚lter out some of those pollutants before it gets to the main water source."

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