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11 2nd The Chronicle of the Horse A Veteran and a Rookie Rise Above the Rest at Gladstone By Sara Lieser July 7, 2014 Fantastic story! A great idea to contrast two competitors. Makes me want to follow them and see what happens next. Good writing, beautiful craft. 3rd Paint Horse Journal Golden By Jessica Hein November 2014 Love the first paragraph. Couldn't wait to read more about the games and particularly the reining venue. Nice idea to show vignettes of the Paint reiners. Honorable Mention Horse & Style Magazine Springsteen Stands Out at American Gold Cup By Erin Gilmore October/November 2014 Such great writing that brings this event to life. Love reading about the people and participants. Beautiful photography. Great style. Merri Melde 2013 AHA Distance Nationals Published in Modern Arabian Horse Issue 2/2014 This article is a great overall view of an event, from what it takes behind the scenes to what attendees are saying. Good work summarizing a long three days. EDITORIAL EVENT COVERAGE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV 20,000 AND OVER 14 entries 1st Jennifer Bryant The Big Bang Theory Published in USDF Connection November 2014 Very well-written piece, crisp and clean with nice quotes from the competitors. Excellent story that easily emerges at the top of this class. 2nd Daily Racing Form Derby Scene: California Chrome Jogs; Countdown Begins By Nicole Russo May 3, 2014 A really fun piece that painted a vivid picture of the pre- Derby. 3rd The American Quarter Horse Journal A Roaring Success By AQHJ Staff October 2014 Really well-written wrap up of the show. EQUINE-RELATED EDITORIAL SERIES 13 entries 1st Western Horseman Clone Case and The Clone Age By Ryan T. Bell September and November 2014 Lede sets scene well and details importance of case. Series is very well-written. Extensive backgrounding of main characters works well. Excellent depth report on a serious topic. Good balance—both sides presented. Well-sourced. 2nd Trail Blazer Training Solutions for the Modern Horseman By Sean Patrick April, September, November, December 2014 First-person series from a trainer who shows good expertise with some good practical advice. Many trail riders will associate with the lede on Part 3 which offers very good advice for the time-challenged. Have never seen this difficult issue addressed so well. Part 4 shows some practical ways to combat fear in horses. Some good tips on dealing with loud noises. Good finish. The whole series is effective because the trainer show ways to get inside a horse's head. 3rd Paint Horse Journal The Game Plan By Jessica Hein, Megan Brincks, and Rachel Florman January through December 2014 Good insight from judges and trainers on 12 classes. Shows expertise and should help competitors. Overall, well -written, excellent mix of quotes and paraphrasing. Good instructive quotes reflective of good questions. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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