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14 2nd Blood-Horse Waiting, and Waiting, for Crowning Glory By Frank Angst Kim Reeves, Designer Claire Novak, Online Features Editor Anne Eberhardt, Visuals Director Published on May 26, 2014 It's no easy task to elegantly weave together information and anecdote, but the author succeeds. This piece could be a primer on how to combine myriad sources into a single, compelling narrative while chunking prose to make it more digestible for readers. While the writing stands out for its deft structure, the overall presentation deserves a nod as well, for sophisticated use of white space and complex, impressive interactive graphics. EQUINE-RELATED VIDEO OR DVD 8 entries 1st Maravilla Productions Equestrian Nation: The Amish Horseman Dan Weyand, Executive Producer May 15, 2014 A wonderful story and fantastic shots. 2nd HRTV Willie Nelson: The Love of Horses Phil Kubel, Executive Director Molly McGill, Producer/Editor December 28, 2014 The story of Willie Nelson is something I had heard about but it was wonderful to see the actual ranch and see the work they are doing there. EQUINE-RELATED PUBLISHING MEDIA WEBSITE 11 entries 1st Blood-Horse Tom LaMarra, Online Content Editor Ron Mitchell, Online Managing Editor Claire Novak, Online Features Editor Chris Wittmer, Adam Spradling, Jennifer Whittle, Web Producers Easy to read daily. Clean menu bar with contrast with content. Excellent typography. 2nd Quarter Horse News Stacy Pigott, Editor Sonny Williams, Digital Editor Nice use of flip page for ad. Excellent use of typography, html5. Unique design. Nice four column layout. Great mobile version. 3rd HRTV Phil Kubel, Vice-President, Digital Media & Technology Very well done slider for featured content. Great accessible video, clean layout with nice drops downs. Easy to navigate. EQUINE-RELATED PUBLISHING MEDIA DIGITAL EDITION 5 entries 1st Q-Racing Journal By Q-Racing Journal Staff July and November 2014 This was a sheer joy to review. The typography was very good, the interactive elements worked as they should and added to the positive experience. I could navigate through the entire magazine without a steep learning curve. Articles would clearly be interesting to the viewers. Photos were relevant, well-exposed and properly color balanced. OMG, there is actually a fully functional, very user-friendly e-magazine platform out there. 2nd America's Horse By America's Horse Staff May and June 2014 I enjoy these magazines. The consistency of page layout and typography create a cohesive and stress-free experience. PHOTOGRAPHY/ILLUSTRATION MULTIMEDIA

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