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15 EDITORIAL ACTION PHOTOGRAPH 13 entries 1st Western Horseman A Tribute to Tom (Zach Peters) Walter Workman, Photographer October 2014 The photo conveys a lot: concentration by both the rider and horse; concern on the faces of the audience. Exploding dirt shows action. Cropped and lighted well. 2nd Western Horseman Perla Tapatia Kathy McCraine, Photographer March 2014 Nice action photo, cropped well and lighted well. See how the dust picks up the light, and gives a halo effect? Photo captures the horse's motion and the ruffles at the right moment. 3rd Blood-Horse Four Off The Floor Anne M. Eberhardt, Photographer May 10, 2014 Good action, cropping and light in this post-victory shot. Blur of the audience in background contrasts with in-focus horse; this conveys speed. EDITORIAL HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND PHOTOGRAPH 13 entries 1st Holistic Horse Uplifting Humanity Adrian Zepeda, Photographer October/November 2014 An excellent moment is captured here between a girl and her horse. This photo is the perfect example of how strong the bonds between people and animals can be. 2nd Chrome Taylor Earnhardt Jessica Hein, Photographer Fall 2014 Excellent composition and exposure help make this photo fantastic. The photo perfectly captures a tender moment between a cowgirl and her horse. 3rd Western Horseman Making a Match Ross Hecox, Photographer June 2014 Talk about a gentle giant. This photo wonderfully captures a tender exchange between a young cowboy and his faithful horse. EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPH 16 entries 1st Western Horseman A Tribute to Tom (Casey Jack Miller) Walter Workman, Photographer October 2014 A nice portrait. Nice light. This is the kind of photo that one would frame and hang on the wall as part of your Western theme art collection. 2nd Amy K. Dragoo She's Got the Green Light Published in The Chronicle of the Horse June 9, 2014 The motion blur and the angle add a different dimension to this photo. They illustrate the thrill of riding. 3rd Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Attention to Details Barry Bornstein, Photographer June 2014 The early morning light in this photo is great. It also shows the effort the photographer made to capture this image. Through the morning mist, we see that the focus is always about the horse. Honorable Mention Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Sky's the Limit JoAnn Hayden, Photographer December 2014 A nice artistic image. The clouds and the light from the time of day make the photo. Western Horseman Waiting for 8 Walter Workman, Photographer July 2014 I like the way the horses on the left are looking one way, those on the right are looking the opposite way, and the horse in the middle looks straight ahead. The photographer had a split second to take the shot, but managed to get a nice portrait. PHOTOGRAPHY/ILLUSTRATION PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION

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