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16 EDITORIAL INFOGRAPHIC (PRINT OR ONLINE) 7 entries 1st The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care Navicular Disease Claudia Summers, Designer Stephanie Church, Alexandra Beckstett, Michelle N. Anderson, Erica Larson, Editorial Team Published on June 30, 2014 This entry is well-detailed and in-depth where it needs to be, yet short enough to be digested as an infographic rather than a "charticle." Good balance between words and images with sophisticated design. 2nd CEH Horse Report Equine Emergency Preparedness: Develop Your Individual Disaster Plan Barbara Meierhenry, Editor Claudia Sonder, DVM, Contributor Fall 2014 What I love most about this entry is its at-a-glance usability. I can easily see readers pulling this from the magazine and posting it on an office wall or refrigerator. It's a bit heavy on text, but the solid illustrations and easy- to-read font make it highly usable. ILLUSTRATION (PRINT OR ONLINE) 8 entries 1st InStride Edition Frozen Semen Joselyn Leonhart, Illustrator February 2014 This is an excellent drawing technically and illustrates the concept in an ingenuous way that is easily understood. Aimed at an audience of horse breeders, it hits the mark and will easily draw its audience into the article. 2nd Chrome Call of the Wild Brian Rawlings, Illustrator Summer 2014 This is a beautiful illustration in a style that isn't seen very often these days. It's hard to tell whether it's hand drawn or a digitally enhanced photograph. Regardless of the method, the muted earth colors go well with the headline type, not to mention that it enhances the content of the article. Ten times more interesting than stock photos, or even commissioned photos. FREELANCE EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPH 17 entries 1st Dusty Perin The Horse Inspects the Work Published in American Farriers Journal September/October 2014 This photograph is a true winner. The exposure is so perfect, the color is so true and the perspective so enhancing you feel as if the man and horse are standing right in front of you, and you could reach right out and touch them. But, the pose and expression is what really takes it over the top. 2nd Kasey Mueller Michael Pollard and Mensa G at Richland Park Published in October 13, 2014 This is what I call "the money shot". It is perfect in all technical respects and narrative in a situation where the speed of the subject only gives the photographer a nano- second to get it right. 3rd Julie Kitzenberger Larger Horses That Can Take the Traveling Published in Western Horseman June 2014 The subtle backlighting in this photograph and the low contrast silhouette effect make this image extremely alluring. There is great composition, balance and texture that all come together to make this a real winner. Honorable Mention Julie Kitzenberger Opening Shot - Obstacle Course Published in Western Horseman April 2014 This photograph clearly tells a story. The long shot makes room for a wonderful composition; the viewer gets the feel of driving a herd through a terrain laden with obstacles from the cowboy's perspective. This image conveys hard work but it also has a very peaceful aspect to it. Dusty Perin Safe Longeing Published in The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care December 2014 The camera angle really makes this shot. It exaggerates the balance and gives the viewer a clue to what "safe longeing" is all about. The infinite focus sheds light on the purpose of the trainer from the underbelly of the powerful horse, which is a masterful touch. The exposure and composition are stellar. PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION

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