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17 PUBLICATION STAFF SINGLE ADVERTISEMENT 30 entries 1st The Chronicle of the Horse Dressage Issue Adrienne Martinez, Designer May 5, 2014 I really appreciate the typography which makes an obvious reference to the exacting disciplines of both dressage and Bauhaus design. I would not change anything about this. It is dramatic, clean, and creates a direct connection with the reader. The kerning of "DRESSAGE ISSUE" is perfect. The photograph is very high quality, the position of the horse's legs is ideal, and the exacting Bauhaus-style typography (including the colors used) shows the care with which the designer worked. There are no extraneous design elements to distract the reader from the content. This is a clear winner because the historical references, excellent photograph, and easy readability all come together in one design. 2nd Speedhorse Future Fortunes Trifecta Mark Holley, Art Director/Senior Designer May 2014 This concept is very strong and every inch of the design answers to that concept. This is a fine design and the workmanship is well deserving of a placing in this competition. 3rd Chrome APHA Member Model Search Jody Johnson, Designer Spring 2014 This is beautifully done, and I love the concept involved. You're doing a very nice job of working the images around the film. I know how much work went into this and I applaud you for the concepts that you built so well. Honorable Mention Speedhorse Red Storm Cat Mark Holley, Art Director/Senior Designer January 2014 This overall design is strong. The mood set by the lighting and the coloration is good. I particularly enjoyed the additional light in the left lower corner around the horse's head, and then the light falls off behind the hips of the horse. This makes it quite believable lighting condition for this image. The American Quarter Horse Journal Western Civilization David Brown, Designer May 2014 This is a very powerful image, and I love the overall feel of this advertisement. The content of the text underneath the word "civilization" was a strong reason for this award. It's this quality of text that connects a viewer to an advertisement and makes this advertisement memorable. ADVERTISING

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