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18 PUBLICATION COVER PAGE CIRCULATION UNDER 10,000 22 entries 1st Miniature Horse World Stallion Issue Rebekah Petty, Designer February/March 2014 This piece is mystical and certainly the breed of this horse suggests this. The low-key lighting and subtle color enhance the mood. The animal stands straight legged in the center of the page, his neck and head arching across the masthead. The horse meets the eye of the viewer, his mane tinged with light. 2nd Appaloosa Journal National Youth World Dana Russell, Editor John Langston, Art Director June 2014 Beautiful use of color and design. The shapes and lines of the horse's head lead the eye around the picture. The angle of the neck takes your eye into the horse's head. The curve of the neck is counterbalanced by the curve of the rump. The color of this piece is so beautiful. The warm red- brown is set against a cool blue-green with a typeface and size that is perfect. 3rd Gaitpost Magazine The Foals of 2014 Linda Horn, Designer Eleanor Klawer, Editor August 2014 I love this cover. The foal gallops into the picture. The dandelions dot the field in the background creating a lyric quality to the piece. The title "Foals "is drawn in a rhythmic script. The purple of the masthead is a perfect counterpoint to the colors in the rest of the composition. Honorable Mention Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Hi Ho Silver Barrie Reightler, Designer Stuart Haman, Photographer May 2014 Beautiful composition. Ornate trophy is contrasted with the strong figure of the cadet. Light, metallic filigree is contrasted with broad, dark fabric and complexion of the soldier. The tilt of the vase is anchored by the strong figure standing upright. Soft pastels provide the background. Paint Horse Journal Time Honored Art Vasquez, Designer Andi Harmon, Photographer July 2014 This beautiful photograph evokes the spirit of the West. The rider gazes at the viewer astride a graceful Paint, its head gently turned aside. They stand atop a vast expanse of land that fades into the distance. The violet clouds create a soft diagonal across the sky taking the eye from the masthead to the plain, supporting the warm colors of the horse and figure. PUBLICATION COVER PAGE CIRCULATION 10,000 TO 20,000 12 entries 1st Modern Arabian Horse AM Star of the Sea Cat McKenna, Photographer Liz Bilotta, Designer January 2014 Strong action photo with nicely placed, tasteful cover lines and a strong nameplate make this entry a winner. Appealing color palette. The photo is sized perfectly to fill the cover but also leave a healthy amount of negative space. Just enough overlap of rider's hat over nameplate to not interfere with the words or readability. 2nd Untacked Spring Fashion Preview Sylvia Gashi-Silver, Art Director Spring 2014 An appealing couple act as the focal point for this cover. Image is sized perfectly with room for nicely designed cover line to frame the image. Nameplate, although a delicate font, is strong because it is one word. Each cover line is designed with interesting font choices and varying sizes and colors. 3rd Untacked Cocktails for Every Occasion Sylvia Gashi-Silver, Art Director Summer 2014 The limited color palette makes this cover stand out from the rest. Nicely balanced placement of cover lines. Strong silhouette against the background that fades to paper white is striking. COVER & EDITORIAL DESIGN

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