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20 EDITORIAL DESIGN CIRCULATION 10,000 TO 20,000 11 entries 1st InStride Edition A Ride to the Top? Corrine S. Borton, Designer May 2014 This entry is a breath of fresh air from beginning to end. The silhouetted images on a white page, along with a small amount of body copy, makes each spread so inviting to read. Photography is lively and consistent from page to page. Creative typography for headline. Beautiful job overall. 2nd Equine Journal Comparison Report: A Look at the Difference Between GMO and Non-GMO Feeds Daniel Goodwin, Art Director June 2014 Beautiful graphic approach to this article. Eye catching color that is incorporated in the whole article. Loved that the horizontal dotted line with end squares used as a graphic element in the opener turns into vertical rules between columns on the pages after the opener. Beautiful attention to details. The opening photo was made more interesting by overlapping the text box shape and using tasteful typography within the shape. 3rd Modern Arabian Horse Versatility on Display: 2014 Sport Horse Nationals Liz Bilotta, Designer Susan Bavaria, Editor December 2014 Special effect on the strong opening photo along with tasteful and graphic typography make this entry stand out. All the elements are working beautifully on the opener. The following spreads have nice groupings of photos. Even though the following pages are chock full of information, it does not look cluttered. Clean, tasteful design throughout. EDITORIAL DESIGN CIRCULATION OVER 20,000 30 entries 1st Western Horseman The Clone Age Ron Bonge, Art Director November 2014 The opening spread of this editorial design is evocative. Presenting the photo of these identical looking horses in a monochromatic scheme really brought the feel of cloning home. The painted bluish strand of DNA wrapping around the headline is powerful, depicting the subject at hand at a glance. The following pages bearing the DNA strand to embellish the pale blue quotes creates cohesiveness. The photo placements and treatment of the body of text is clean and professional. This design is truly a winner. 2nd Chrome 1 of a Kind Art Vasquez, Designer Spring 2014 The descending staircase of the opening page spread dumped me right into this wonderful editorial design from the first second I looked at it. Then I was thrilled to find that every bit of typographic design, sensual color and graphic treatment did nothing but enhance the subject matter of the very professional images in this piece. It is absolutely cohesive and alluring. 3rd Trail Blazer No Hoof No Ride Susana Gibson, Designer November 2014 This editorial design is long, full of information and with all that going on, exquisitely designed. It is obvious that a lot of forethought went into the design elements and their placement. The image on the opening spread is breathtaking. Then the use of the cloud background under the text to separate all five sections holds the intensity of the opener, creating recognizable consistency. The treatment of the typography and the photo placements are very professional. COVER & EDITORIAL DESIGN

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