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3 NEWS REPORTING SINGLE ARTICLE 22 entries 1st Daily Racing Form Indiana Vet Case Draws Scrutiny, Debate By Matt Hegarty November 11, 2014 This story is well-sourced, well-reported and well-written. The reporter does a wonderful job laying out a complex case and the implications it could have on the racing industry in Indiana and beyond. This is a fine example of outstanding journalism. 2nd Pennsylvania Equestrian The Star Barn Saga: 'Get Rich' Scheme Costs Dozens of Horses' Lives By Amy Worden June 2014 Vividly written and thoroughly reported. The writer does a wonderful job detailing a very sad sage and shining a light on a particularly ugly case of animal cruelty. 3rd Susan Quinn, Esq. What a Connecticut Court Case to Declare Horses "Vicious" Could Mean to You Published in February 15, 2014 The writer does an excellent job of explaining how far- reaching the consequences of one boy's trip to a farm could be. The article is full of context and concisely written. Honorable Mention Quarter Horse News Dual Peppy Found Neglected in Colorado By Kelsey Pecsek October 15, 2014 The writer describes in heartbreaking detail the challenges faced by animal welfare authorities not only in Texas but across the country. The Chronicle of the Horse USEF Censures and Fines Torano Over Facebook Post By Lisa Slade July 28, 2014 Crisply written and well-reported with colorful quotes to boot. The article also highlights the challenges judges and officials face in the digital age. INSTRUCTIONAL SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 20,000 8 entries 1st Paint Horse Journal E-fficiency By Megan Brincks September 2014 This article made me want to get a pregnant Paint mare just to register the foal. This how-to on online registration made the process seem incredibly easy. I didn't need to look at the graphics to understand registration — the writing was very clear. 2nd Modern Arabian Horse Saddle Up: Find the Right Saddle for the Right Fit By Molly A. Benstein October 2014 One of the mysteries of owning a horse is the saddle. Does it fit to the horse or the person? How do you know if it fits? What difference does size make? This article does a good job of explaining those points. INSTRUCTIONAL SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV 20,000 AND OVER 17 entries 1st Abigail Boatwright Shining the Chrome By Abigail Boatwright and Colleen McQuay Published in Horse and Rider October 2014 This article makes me smile. It's a bright positive example of good instructional content. The writing is simple and straightforward. The photos are large and easy to follow. 2nd Barrel Horse News The First Five Rides By Danika Kent August 2014 Wonderful headline and interesting angle to a story. Very helpful to the reader to have the life skills broken out by numbers. Good use of photos. 3rd Natalie DeFee Mendik Train to Win Published in Horse Illustrated March 2014 The theme of this story is so simple, yet so elegant. Loved the idea of "from the judge's box". The sidebar to sit or not to sit is excellent. EDITORIAL CONTENT

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