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21 Honorable Mention EQUUS The Healing Power of Honey Celia Strain, Art Director May 2014 The warm early morning tones in the opening photo of this editorial design work so well behind the inviting jar of golden honey, that it lures the reader right in. The typographic treatments on this opening spread are evidence of skillful designing. The pen and ink illustration of the hive adds just one more pleasing element. The pages that follow are very professionally laid out, with great balance and attention to making each element complement the other. Western Horseman The Bakken Beckons Ron Bonge, Art Director January 2014 The opening spread to this editorial design is visually impressive. It causes the viewer to want to know more about the story behind it. The photo choice is story telling in itself and then the heavy headline treatment with the disconcerting oil splatters really draws you in. The continuation of bold text elements and oil splatters throughout the layout makes the design very cohesive. The hairline rules used on the opening pages and then separating the columns of text throughout the design is a nice touch. ONE PAGE OR TWO PAGE SPREAD EDITORIAL DESIGN 7 entries 1st The Florida Horse Peaceful Battle John D. Filer, Art Director Brock Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief November 2014 Beautifully harmonious in color and design. Dynamic composition with a tonal counterpoint creates a powerful combination. The racing horse is cropped perfectly, as it enters the picture plane with alternating angles. The energy of the horse is balanced with the color of the text/ title design. Thin rule around the photo enhances the weight of the headline, and contains the action. The interjected quote is a perfect note in color and weight. 2nd The Florida Horse Flat Out Smokin' John D. Filer, Art Director Brock Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief January 2014 Dynamic composition with well-orchestrated elements. The horse thunders into the composition from the upper right. The headline is presented in an elegant, fine weight, condensed font vs. bold, condensed variegated color. Open space behind the text is a rest for the eye and is the foundation of the other elements. The most interesting element is the color used. Rather than expected harmony of color, there is a cacophony of reds, pinks and orange. The cool blue in the blanket and the green trim on the rider add an underpinning. COVER & EDITORIAL DESIGN VALIANT HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND AWARD Sponsored by Luitpold Animal Health Makers of Adequan® (Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan) 21 entries WINNER Jeanne Albanese "Why the Outside of a Horse is Good for the Inside of a Girl" Published in New York Horse December 2014

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