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22 PUBLISHING MEDIA EQUINE-RELATED SPECIALTY OR CUSTOM PUBLICATION 6 entries 1st The Florida Horse 2014 Florida Horse Farm & Service Directory Brock Sheridan, Editor-in-Chief John D. Filer, Art Director June/July 2014 This publication is a farm and service directory that comes out once a year to assist those in the Florida Thoroughbred breeding and racing industries. From cover to cover every bit of information, whether it is informative, entertaining, or promotional adheres to the original intention of the creation of this publication. The design of this directory is not only attractive but shows great forethought to usage. This type of directory will be referenced often. The construction with it's perfect binding; laminated cover and tabs make it durable. The protruding tabs make the search for information a pleasure instead of a chore. The directory pages are laid out in a clean and concise manor. The cover and editorial content are beautifully designed. This entry is truly a winner. 2nd Paint Horse Journal Flash Jessica Hein, Editor Art Vasquez, Creative Director PHJ Staff March 2014 This annual publication is geared toward timed-event enthusiasts. It celebrates and promotes the Paint Horse in all its excellence. It details both the flash of the animal and the lifestyle that surrounds him. The creators of this publication have succeeded in producing what they had intended, starting with an alluring cover that feels as great to the touch as it looks. The internal pages cover stories of cowgirls who dress in the fashion of the Paint world then goes on to tell stories of flashy Paints that have been great achievers. It's ALL about the flash of the Paint horse and the style that goes with it. The layout is fun and exciting from cover to cover and a real winner. EQUINE-RELATED BOOK (PRINT OR E-BOOK) 16 entries 1st Robin Hutton Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse By Robin Hutton Copyright 2014 Painstakingly researched books, complete with notes, an index, dozens of on-the-scene photos and a bibliography, are often respected but aren't renowned for their appeal to readers. Sgt. Reckless, America's War Horse, is different. Author Robin Hutton has crafted an amazingly detailed, fascinating, and documented sage of a war horse who served the Marines during the Korean War – a spunky, intelligent little horse that ate bread, uncooked oatmeal, Hershey bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots and apples, loved beer, disliked dogs, slept in a marine's tent on cold nights, and was devoted to the soldiers she served. Hutton never overlooks the big picture of Reckless' contributions to the war effort; she went to hoof camp and learned how to walk over barbed wire, crawl into bunkers, tolerate the sound of explosions, and carry 8-10 rounds of rifle ammunition in canisters to the marines who needed it on the front lines of Korea. The story is told from a human (and horse) perspective, leading to the recognition of Reckless' service by her promotion to the rank of staff sergeant. After retiring to Camp Pendleton, she became the mother of three foals: Fearless, Dauntless and Chesty. Reckless died at the age of 20 in 1968. It sounds like the stuff of an exciting narrative film, but it's a nonfiction book that's hard to put down. 2nd Ellen Harvey Standardbred Old Friends By Ellen Harvey Barbara D. Livingston, Photographer Copyright 2014 Written by Ellen Harvey, the third book in photographer Barbara D. Livingston's Old Friends series offers breathtaking photographs of magnificent senior Standardbreds – some drop-dead gorgeous, others not so much; some agreeable in temperament, others nowhere close – accompanied by impressively well-written vignettes, loaded with anecdotes, humor and compassion, about each horse's life. It's a perfect, high-quality keepsake for lovers of this very special breed and reveals aspects of their characters and careers that aren't well known. SPECIALTY CLASSES

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