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27 BUSINESS EQUINE-RELATED BLOG 5 entries 1st Manna Pro Stable Thinking Geile/Leon, Designer 2014 Posts If someone was looking for a variety of tips about horses, tack and stable management in an easy-to-read format, this is worthy of a look. There are a lot of things to like about this blog: frequent entries; clear writing; relatively short entries; helpful information; an index of past blog entries; and identification of who wrote each entry. 2nd SmartPak SmartPak Blog Sarah Paull, Director of Brand Bjorn Mann, Manager, New Media 2014 Posts A variety of authors and topics, so this blog has a little something for everyone. I like that it identifies who wrote the entry and that entries are indexed, which makes it easier to find topics of interest. BUSINESS EQUINE-RELATED WEBSITE 3 entries 1st Kerrits Equestrian Apparel Modified Instance, Designer Kerri Kent, President Beautifully designed website with a truly modern look. Images are flawless and inviting. The whole site begs a visitor to click through and discover items they will want to buy. The marketing images are just as important here as the model images and gives a potential buyer a true sense of the product as it will be encountered in "real world" settings. The inclusion of the "Team Riders" and "Ambassadors" further ties the products in with real world endorsements making the product that much more appealing. Use of video to convey the company's green commitment and to effectively convey the differences in fabrics and materials would be the icing on an already delicious cake. BUSINESS EQUINE-RELATED SPECIALTY OR CUSTOM PUBLICATION 13 entries 1st SmartPak SmartPak Supplement and Horse Care Guide Sara Florin, Creative Director Fall 2014 This issue of Smart Pak delivers useful editorial content. The article on body condition was very well done. The ColiCare article did a nice job of weaving together the ads and the editorial. The layout – such as a bulletin board – was creative and effective as well. Ratings on clippers and blankets were easily digested; information on types of clips and how to fit a blanket was more than most product guides offer. This entry not only fulfilled its purpose but added value to the reader beyond the products. 2nd Kerrits Equestrian Apparel Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog Jena Gustafsen, Graphic Designer Kerri Kent, President January 2014 One of the most simply organized and effective catalogs I have seen in some time. 3rd W.F. Young Absorbine 2014 Dealer Catalog Molly H. O'Brien, Marketing Communications Manager Paul Hill/Martino Flynn, Creative Supervisor January 2014 This catalog for dealers meets its goals. Information on various markets are helpful to a dealer. The UltraShield color coding and feature table is helpful, as are the tables with problems and solutions. The clearly labeled sections (Skin & Coat, Hoof Care etc.) make products easy to find. BUSINESS DIVISION

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