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4 Honorable Mention America's Horse Haltering and Bridling By Holly Clanahan and Buster McLaury September 2014 This is a great article, simple and well-written. The topic is useful to all horse owners. Photos are very helpful. Horse Illustrated Rubber Band Braids By Holly Caccamise Leslie Potter, Photographer June 2014 This is the best explanation on how to do a braided mane that I've seen in a long time. Very easy reading and understandable. The photos are extremely helpful. This could be clipped out and hung in the barn. INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES 8 entries 1st Practical Horseman Standing Wrap How-to, How to Apply a Poultice, How to Apply a Sweat Wrap By Laurie Pitts and Tricia Booker February, March, April 2014 A super series; easy to understand and follow along. The photographs and bullet points work well for the readership. 2nd Stable Management Unfrozen Water Tips By Nancy Loving, DVM Kimberly S. Brown, Publisher/Editor January 2014 A really nice series; basic, but there isn't anything wrong with that. This topic is important to most horse owners. HORSE CARE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 20,000 19 entries 1st NRHA Reiner Lord of the Flies By Gavin Ehringer April 2014 This story is a hands-down winner. The writer nailed the topic and then tackled the subject with expertise, covering every aspect of fly management that anyone with a horse barn would need to know. It was interesting – at times even humorous – and kept my attention from start to finish. 2nd The Chronicle of the Horse Shockwave Therapy: Too Much of a Good Thing? By Suzanne Bush March 31, 2014 This story had a nice balance. The author was able to convey the benefits of shockwave therapy while still outlining the real risks of not using it correctly – and the challenges of regulating it within the horse show community. The author did a real nice job of explaining all of the technical information, and breaking up that information with quotes from real people. Gives the reader's brain a "break" so to speak. 3rd Q-Racing Journal Use Caution with Compounding By Andrea Caudill September 2014 This story was good from start to finish. Right away, the author tells why you should care about this topic, then explains the problem, outlines the danger and leaves you with a nice checklist of take-home information. And all of this is done without the story becoming too alarmist. Honorable Mention CEH Horse Report Pigeon Fever: Varying Forms of Infection in Horses By Sharon Spier, DVM and Mary Beth Whitcomb, DVM Winter 2014 This story is incredibly comprehensive and well-written. For being so in-depth, and interpreting so much research, I thought this was clear, concise and focused. There's nothing fancy about it, but the authors did what they set out to do. The Chronicle of the Horse There Are No Quick Answers to the Question of Sudden Death in Equine Athletes By Molly Sorge July 14 & 21, 2014 I really liked the emotional lead-in of this story. Very nice job tackling a medical topic without getting bogged down in technical jargon. I also appreciated the cardio health tips at the end. It's good to leave your readers with actionable items. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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