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5 HORSE CARE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV 20,000 AND OVER 18 entries 1st Western Horseman Better Off Barefoot? By Katie Frank January 2014 Finding a specific case to lead into a topic like this was the absolute best way to launch your story. Lots of "voices" (experts and owners alike). The story is well- organized and flows nicely through the information and opinions. 2nd Abigail Boatwright The Right Side of the Line Published in The American Quarter Horse Journal September 2014 This is an excellent example of how to use a specific case to delve into a topic. The writer made sure to use more than one source and had a vivid quote high in the story. Detection, treatment, prevention all laid out in a logical and concise manner. 3rd The American Quarter Horse Journal The Kindest Cut By Larri Jo Starkey December 2014 Strong lede sets a picturesque mental image and sets interest in the story. More than one example is used, another plus to this article. Every question that may be raised about gelding is answered. Honorable Mention EQUUS Beware of Botulism By Heather Smith Thomas July 2014 That wee bit of bacteria information in the lede is just enough to make a reader understand how near at hand this disease may be. Good use of more than one source. All major questions answered. EQUUS What Your Veterinarian Wants You to Know About Antibiotics By Melinda Freckleton, DVM and Christine Barakat March 2014 Each subsection kicks off with a strong statement, which gives impact to each of the points the writer is making. Clear language and good structure to the story. SERVICE TO THE READER SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 20,000 23 entries 1st Quarter Horse News The Mighty Dollar By Kelsey Pecsek August 15, 2014 I really enjoyed this story, from the beginning to end. The writing and reporting were stellar, but most of all, the topic was spot-on. I've seen plenty of horse businesses that would have benefited from an article like this. 2nd Paint Horse Journal Up the Odds By Megan Brincks December 2014 This was a really good story. The writing – especially for a topic that could have been very dry – felt fresh and flowed well. The approach to the broad topic of breeding was interesting in that it was so focused on one aspect – color. This was information that any Paint horse breeder could use, from the backyard enthusiast to professional breeders. 3rd The Chronicle of the Horse Surviving a Barn Fire is Just the Beginning By Kimberly Loushin This piece, overall, is really well-written. And what a topic. I love that the writer started with a "real person" story and carried it the whole way through, while still covering all of the health issues that burned horses can suffer. I appreciate that the topic was carried through chronologically, from initial burns to recovery. Very well- written and reported. Honorable Mention Equine Journal 20 Barn Hacks to Simplify Your Life By Carley Sparks May 2014 This was a wonderfully fun and incredibly useful story. The writing is simplicity at its finest – quick and easy to read, and informative. Susan Quinn, Esq. When Your Horse Turns Out to Be a Lemon Published in July 12, 2014 This story was very well done, and covered everything a horse buyer should know without too much legal jargon or too longwinded. I really like the list of tips at the end. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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