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6 SERVICE TO THE READER SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV 20,000 AND OVER 39 entries 1st The American Quarter Horse Journal A Compounded Relationship By Larri Jo Starkey and Becky Newell December 2014 The winner in a photo-finish class is this terrific article covering the good, bad and ugly about compounding drugs. The authors took a complicated subject and made it simple and clear by not taking for granted that readers understood the basic differences between compounded, generic and pioneer drugs. There is something here for everyone, from the longtime owner who may not have completely understood the controversy over these drugs to someone new to the industry who had no idea what the term compounded drug meant. The transitions are good; the balance between quotes and narrative is spot on and there are no holes in this entry whatsoever. This is the type of writing to study whether you're a student trying to learn how to write a feature story or even a writer who just wants to polish his skills. 2nd EQUUS Neglected, Abused or Abandoned Horses: How to Help By Jennifer Williams, PhD December 2014 A very strong contender for first place, this runner up was both thorough and interesting, covering a topic many horse owners have likely encountered since laws changed resulting in so many horses to be abandoned in recent years. Normally, having an expert write the article (rather than interviewing them and other experts) doesn't result in the best article possible. However, in this case, the expert is very good at writing in a conversational style that is easy to follow yet still authoritative. That is a bit of a rare combination. The lead really hooks readers in because they have probably been in a similar situation. Every possible angle of this topic is explored from legal ramifications to social media precautions and the step-by-step process of what happens in an investigation and rescue. 3rd Kara L. Stewart Love It or List It Published in Horse Illustrated April 2014 What this third-place article does so well is boil down a complex problem into several simple questions an owner should ask themselves about their relationship with the horse. But it's not done in on overly general manner, either. Each question is explored with some depth, supplemented by multiple expert opinions. Anyone who is having trouble with a horse ought to get something out of this article, even if it's just getting pointed in the right direction of figuring out what the real problem is. The copy flows very well and the author makes excellent use of subheads – an element often overlooked that can make both transitions and points of emphasis better. Honorable Mention EQUUS Too Much Time Together? By Janet L. Jones, PhD April 2014 Wow, this is a fascinating article. I'm also guessing it's an eye-opening one for many weekend warriors who never considered they might be doing too much with their horse. Normally I would criticize a feature story for not including multiple sources, but in this case the author herself is an expert in the field and she's also a very talented writer. The scenarios you presented with Marie and her horse really helps drive home your salient points about the differences between the human and equine brains. USDF Connection Road Rules By Tracy Gantz May 2014 If you're looking for a model feature/service article, this one fits the bill. While the author gives the topic an in- depth treatment, it is written so well and flows so smoothly that the reader doesn't notice its length or get overwhelmed with details. That takes talent. The lead is especially captivating and draws you into the importance of this issue from the beginning. The multiple sources were both highly knowledgeable and quotable. I liked the humor in your ending and everything about this entry. Excellent writing through and through. PERSONALITY PROFILE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/ AUV UNDER 10,000 19 entries 1st Horse & Style Magazine What Makes You Stronger By Erin Gilmore December 2014/January 2015 A moving tale that plunges the reader into the heart of the story right away with an emotional and well-developed scene and follows through with concise, vivid descriptions and excellent pacing. The story explores disability in a way that is moving but never condescending. An inspiring and well-written story. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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