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7 2nd Paint Horse Journal Honoring Buckaroo Tradition By Johi Kokjohn-Wagner July 2014 Clean and clear storytelling that starts with an image-rich lead and goes on to deliver compelling context, strong reporting and a touch of humor. 3rd Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred More Than Machines By Joe Clancy March 2014 Nice use of storytelling techniques such as dialogue. Overall, this is an engaging story about the personalities behind a successful program. Honorable Mention Q-Racing Journal Nikeela Black By Andrea Caudill June 2014 A well-organized and interesting profile. The piece is clear and well-organized. Quarter Horse News The Will to Live By Brandyl Brooks December 1, 2014 A classic survival story that's well-told and engaging. PERSONALITY PROFILE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION 10,000 TO 20,000 / AUV 10,000 TO 50,000 21 entries 1st Untacked The Annie Oakley of Foxhunting By Jennifer B. Calder Winter 2014 Love the lead and the picture you paint for your reader. Thank you for a great story. 2nd Untacked Cut From the Same Cloth By Jennifer B. Calder Summer 2014 Your lead makes me want to read the story. You do a great job showing the whole person and not just the horse side of your subject. 3rd Modern Arabian Horse Leslie Rand Bennett: A Story Woven in Gold By Sarah Evers Conrad Susan Bavaria, Editor October 2014 I appreciated the sidebar on how she makes the jewelry. Job well done. Honorable Mention The Chronicle of the Horse Ned Bonnie Will Never Stop Advocating for the Horse By Sara Lieser February 10, 2014 I like the lead, and I appreciate the story. He sounds like an interesting man with a heart for the horse industry. Thank you for bringing that out in the story. The Chronicle of the Horse Horse of a Lifetime: All the Gold By Kimberly Loushin December 1 & 8, 2014 Thank you for using said. Great ending quote. PERSONALITY PROFILE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION OVER 20,000 / AUV OVER 50,000 24 entries 1st Abigail Boatwright The Honky-Tonk Kid Published in America's Horse October 2014 Relatable life in the lede, what makes this guy unique in the second paragraph, that's how to start a profile. The family's loss of a child is prominent but not overplayed. The reader gets a very good sense of who Aaron Watson is. This is distinctive writing. 2nd Keeneland Magazine Dual Passions By Sue Wylie Jacqueline Duke, Editor Summer 2014 Excellent lead, which piques the interest of even a non- horse lover. Paints a picture of what Banke's life is like now and then contrasts it with her less-than-luxurious upbringing. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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