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8 3rd Daily Racing Form From Donkeys to the Derby By Jay Hovdey April 26, 2014 Colorful lede, colorful character. Enough detail so readers enjoy Espinoza's breezy personality but also understand his drive, talent and work ethic. Factual information woven in nicely without bogging down the story. An entertaining read. Honorable Mention Daily Racing Form Last Call, Folks By David Grening August 30, 2014 With a yarn-spinner as gifted as Tom Durkin, the best a writer can do is not get in the way. This author has the right instinct. The tale bounces along and the energy never flags. Highs and lows of a career are covered. An entertaining man, and an entertaining story. Western Horseman To Have and To Hold By Ross Hecox July 2014 Picturesque lede, very good feel for the lifestyle and the character of the subject. The writer took care to seek out other voices, which added depth to the story. This story is an easy read and you get a very good take on who Tom is. FEATURE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 10,000 22 entries 1st Hoof Beats Desperate Situations By Dave Briggs October 2014 The collection of stories is told by the subjects with excellent editing and arrangement by the writer. The emotion and heartbreak comes through well. 2nd Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Maryland's Marvel By Cindy Deubler May 2014 The pacing in the article seemed to match the title horse's speed. There was a lot of information presented clearly and concisely. The history was well-written and well worth the read. 3rd New York Horse Why the Outside of a Horse is Good for the Inside of a Girl By Jeanne Albanese December 2014 The feature weaves the stories of the girls with the facts and figures on youth and horses. A great piece where the writer let the sources tell their story. Honorable Mention Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred One in a Million By Joe Clancy October 2014 The personalities involved come through clearly in the feature story. The pacing matches the subject well. Well- written and concise, the piece is well done and a fun read. PATH Int'l. Strides Awareness, Openness & Action: A Therapeutic Model for EAAT By Lisa Wegener and Dr. Emily Sandoz Kaye Marks, Managing Editor Karen Karvonen, Editor Good use of an anecdote to illustrate the story's topic in the opening and in the article. The article is clear, well- written and a pleasure to read. FEATURE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION 10,000 TO 20,000 / AUV 10,000 TO 50,000 31 entries 1st Jennifer M. Keeler No Place Like Home? Published in The Chronicle of the Horse August 4, 2014 Excellent work. With a little more exposition this could play as a general interest story. One of the competition's best. 2nd Untacked Urban Legends By Jennifer B. Calder Fall 2014 Interesting and well-written piece that outclasses most of this field. The writer is obviously a pro. That's not to say it's beautifully written, but it is fluid and confidently written. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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