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9 3rd The Chronicle of the Horse Lawson Mayfield United a Community By Mollie Bailey July 7, 2014 Tragic story told without excessive sentimentality. The writer wisely gets out of the way of her subject. A solid piece. Honorable Mention Equine Journal On the Fast Track By Christina Keim November 2014 Good analysis and exposition of a fairly technical issue. In general one of the better pieces in the competition. Untacked The Camelot of the Show World By Molly Sorge Winter 2014 A better than average history that seems to ask for a different set of criteria than most of the other pieces. For what it is, it is excellent. FEATURE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION OVER 20,000 / AUV OVER 50,000 33 entries 1st Western Horseman All the Queen's Cowboys By Ryan T. Bell May 2014 Stellar reporting and top-notch writing are on fine display here. The story is bittersweet. The writer does a wonderful job detailing a way of life that is sadly not long for this world. The readers find themselves chasing after that pesky cowboy hat in the wind and staring up at the night sky. 2nd Western Horseman The Bakken Beckons By Ryan T. Bell January 2014 An in-depth look at one of the many stories behind a story that's grabbed national attention. The article provides rich insight into the struggles and successes of oil boom towns. The writer's skilled reporting and stunning prose set this article apart. 3rd Daily Racing Form Requiem for a Racetrack By Marty McGee April 12, 2014 A fitting tribute to a racetrack that was once iconic but is now in the "seen better days" category. The writer's language is crisp and details are rich. Honorable Mention Horse & Rider From Heartbreak to Healing By Jennifer Forsberg Meyer and Kim Lindsey February 2014 The tale is both heart wrenching and uplifting. The author takes the reader on an emotional ride filled with grief, hope, passion for the sport and above all love for a son lost too soon. Julie Kitzenberger 125-Year Tradition Published in Western Horseman June 2014 The author provides great insight into the life of ranchers and particularly the challenges faced by California ranchers in this day and age. The article is rich in history and detail. PERSONAL SINGLE COLUMN CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 10,000 10 entries 1st My Sons Want to Go to a Funeral By Joe Clancy January 24, 2014 What a great tribute to a horseman. This could have been written like a regular obituary – full of facts about Voss' history and analyzing his impact on racing – but instead this was a story about a real flesh-and-blood mortal. It's told through the eyes of the author and his children. 2nd Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred The Hero By Sean Clancy July 2014 Good job of writing this man's obit and making him human by weaving in personal anecdotes. References to other athletes help give perspective to accomplishments. Great bits of writing, such as the description of Aitcheson's physical appearance and eating habits or, later, comparing his riding tips to getting tips from Hemingway or Lindbergh. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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