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10 PERSONAL SINGLE COLUMN CIRCULATION 10,000 TO 20,000 / AUV 10,000 TO 50,000 11 entries 1st Quarter Horse News Triple Crown By Stacy Pigott July 1, 2014 The winning entry did a terrific job of packing in a ton of detail, sprinkled with just the right amount of opinion, in a relatively short space. The extra effort the author went to including the backstory on Chiquita Pistol was no doubt appreciated by all types of readers. This is just the epitome of a professional, well-written, thoughtful editorial column. 2nd California Riding Magazine The Toughest Horse Girl By Joell Dunlap July 2014 The writing style utilized with this entry enhanced an already heart-grabbing story and is one that will stay with the reader for some time. Using short and concise sentences created a sort of clipped rhythm as you read this piece, giving a sense of both grief and toughness without being maudlin or dramatic. 3rd Equine Journal The Riddle of Right and Left By Ange Dickson Finn January 2014 All three of the top entries were excellent and for three very different reasons, which makes placing one higher than another even more subjective than usual. The strength of this column comes from humor, clean writing and how well the author relates to the audience. Referring to your horse as Left Brain and Right Brain was so effective in painting a picture of her quirks. Anyone who has ever climbed into a saddle has to appreciate this piece. What an enjoyable read. PERSONAL SINGLE COLUMN CIRCULATION OVER 20,000 / AUV OVER 50,000 25 entries 1st America's Horse The Ride of My Life By Holly Clanahan May 2014 Loved this piece. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I can't help but believe your readers feel that same connection to this piece and how your experiences and lessons have played out in many other horse families over the years. 2nd 50 Miles of Fun on Horseback By Jec A. Ballou April 11, 2014 Very nice piece with a vivid, descriptive word choice. Really made the reader feel like they were on the ride with you. 3rd Horse & Rider Goals to Build On By Jennifer Paulson September 2014 This is a very well-written piece. I loved the personal connections and anecdotes. Honorable Mention Horse & Rider Cloning of Greed By Sue M. Copeland January 2014 Very well-written piece. You definitely conveyed your passion for this topic. This concise, more journalistic writing style is what I hope some of the other entries in this class will strive to achieve. Horse Illustrated Talking to the Animals By Leslie Potter October 2014 Very nicely written piece on an interesting topic. Writing was clean and well organized. Easily rises into one of the top stories in this class. EDITORIAL EVENT COVERAGE SINGLE ARTICLE CIRCULATION/AUV UNDER 20,000 18 entries 1st Horse & Style Magazine Le Passionné Saut Hermès By Erin Gilmore April/May 2014 The writing, the photographs, the whole package – magnificent. Makes me want to book a flight to Paris next spring. Great coverage with such interesting history and information about Hermès. EDITORIAL CONTENT EDITORIAL CONTENT

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