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Summer 2017

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Smaller Sustainment Footprint The P-8A provides more combat capability and requires a smaller force with less infrastructure to operate than the P-3C. It also delivers an extended global reach, greater payload capacity, higher operating altitude, open systems architecture and significant growth potential. Major sensor systems include an APY-10 radar system — developed specifically for the Poseidon — which features inverse synthetic aperture radar, and synthetic aperture radar. The Poseidon also carries an electro-optical/infrared sensor turret and has increased acoustic processing capability with 64 passive sonobuoys, 32 multistatic sonobuoys and concurrent passive/active processing. The P-8A is part of a family of systems that includes the MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), and a ground based tactical operations center. The acquisition process for the P-8A used an evolutionary acquisition strategy that baselines its requirements for the manned aircraft and provides increased capabilities through subsequent increments. The Inc 2 integrates the evolved P-3C mission capabilities into the P-8A system. "The P-8A is equipped to complement unmanned assets, and may be integrated, while also providing fleet operators the added benefit of interfacing with unmanned aircraft systems when performing certain operations and missions," said Rossi. "The P-8A has broad- area acoustics and underwater search capabilities, unlike Triton, although both platforms may conduct Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The P-8A also has attack capabilities, and may engage surface and submersed targets." Enhanced Mission Capability The first Inc 2 upgrade added a broad-area, multi-static acoustic ASW capability to the aircraft. The P-8A Inc 2 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 1 MAC capability was introduced to the fleet in October 2015. Operators say this feature is highly effective in the littoral environment for which it was specifically designed. The P-8A program plans to continuously upgrade the MAC capability over the lifetime of the platform. The P-8A Inc 2 ECP 2, which includes MAC (Phase 2), Automatic Identification System, Air-to-Air Refueling and High Altitude Anti- submarine Warfare capabilities completed integrated flight testing, and was released to the fleet in December 2016 for training. Likewise, the P-8A Inc 2 ECP 3 high-altitude ASW weapons capability captive carriage flight tests were completed Feb. 2016, and safe separation flight tests began Aug. 2016. "The P-8A Increment 3 (Inc 3) program continues incremental enhancements to existing and new capabilities and builds-in efficiencies, cost effectiveness and ensures the rapid upgrade to major systems and fleet readiness," said Rossi. "We'll continue working with Fleet operators, Navy resource sponsors, industry, and academia to determine candidate capability improvements for introduction after Inc 3. We are using a formal capability and prioritization process to choose the capabilities of the most value to P-8A operators." The Inc 3 capabilities will be integrated both through the existing aircraft architecture and via new combat systems hardware and software. Inc 3 will incorporate improvements to aircraft systems including Combat System hardware and architecture improvements, ASW and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) sensor improvements, communication capability upgrades, ASuW Net Enabled Weapon, and enhanced security capabilities. COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION | scan the code to sign up now! DEFENSE & NATIONAL SECURITY INNOVATION SUMMIT C4ISR WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY ENERGY SPACE SEPT 12-13 2017 NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Join key military, government, and industry decision-makers at the nation's leading conference and expo on the best innovation solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and our national security agencies. REGISTER NOW Sponsorship & Exhibit Packages Available DEFENSE LEADERSHIP FORUM You are invited to attend the A P-8A Poseidon is refueled mid-air from a USAF KC-135. This aerial refueling capability enhances the P-8A's strategic mission by extending its range and endurance. (U.S. Navy) ADVANCING ANTI-SUB WARFARE P-8A POSEIDON 10 | NP&FP and DoD P&E | Summer 2017

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