Naval Power and Force Projection

Summer 2017

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planning process, examining existing contracts and spending patterns. They are identifying opportunities to improve procurement methods by using "strategically sourced" contracting vehicles, noting areas for increased competition among our industry partners, reducing our reli- ance on "bridge contracts," and increasing opportunities for our small business base. Our Strategic Sourcing Program Management Office supports this type of proactive market research, and other procurement related improvement efforts that enhance the contracting process, allow for collaboration of best practices, and generally improve contracting efficiencies and fleet support. NP&FP: Feel free to speak to recent NAVSUP goals/achievements. RADM Yuen: Our Navy is being contested in some very important parts of the world, and we need to continue stepping up our game. The entire supply community is ready to support this fight. We recognize that for the Navy to maintain our competitive edge, we must strengthen and optimize all elements of our Navy's supply systems, and we must move fast! The NAVSUP and Supply Corps team stands side-by-side with our joint warfighters and is doing great things in support of the fleet. I am extremely proud of each team member and their dedication to winning the logistics fight. One example is the stellar support NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Cen- ters (FLC) provide. Recently, NAVSUP FLC Puget Sound provided USS Nimitz (CVN 68) critical pre-deployment logistics support during the weeks and months leading up to the ship's departure. In addition to daily deliveries of high priority parts and materials, 200 pallets of stock materials, and 1,102 pallets of food provisions, our team pro- vided postal service, aviation fuel, and other logistics services. While deployed, our team will continue to provide critical logistics support, enabling the Nimitz Strike Group to execute their national defense mis- sions wherever they sail. Our innovative collaboration with other service providers to deliver logistics solutions for the fleet is another achievement. One example is the NAVSUP Logistics Cell (LOGCELL) initiative, which streamlines logistics processes between military and industry partners, and aids timely decision making. The LOGCELL is a war-room styled, web-based information center that allows a cross functional team to identify and respond to challenges through real time communication with the fleet. The program began with logistics data for the P-8A Poseidon aircraft and has expanded to support 14 aviation type/model/series (TMS) programs. Looking forward, our strategic goals are laid out in my 2017-2021 Strategic Plan & Commander's Guidance. These goals focus on how we will continue to fight across the full range of military operations, how we can optimize the supply chain, improve supply chain information technology systems, and increase access to quality-of-life services. Internally focused goals call for us to operate with sound internal controls, and to strengthen cybersecurity. My final goal is to lead with character and competence, to promote an ethical, effective, and com- mitted workforce, because none of this happens without attaining a culture of moral excellence. COMMANDER'S CORNER NP&FP and DoD P&E | Summer 2017 | 13

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