Naval Power and Force Projection

Summer 2017

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On any given day approximately one third of NECC forces are deployed worldwide on missions from theater security partnerships to partnership building to infrastructure protection. Targeted Command and Control Navy Expeditionary Combat Forces enable naval forces to translate Sea Control and Power Projection into combat effects. Our Expeditionary Force is trained to clear, secure, build and protect the following: • Clear the battlespace of explosive, security and physical hazards, shaping the security environment; • Secure the battlespace, throughout the littorals, for U.S. Joint and coalition partner access and action; • Build partnerships leading to domain access awareness through assured C2 and critical Infrastructure development; • Protect from threats through battlespace. "We provide a single advocate for this group of related military capabilities which operate together when deployed and have related missions," said Cragg. "To better align, man train, and equip, NECC utilizes economy of scale by consolidating headquarters and centralizing equipping functions. This improves operations due to increased commonality of training, equipping, doctrine, and tactics." Managing Critical Force Maneuver NECC provides consistent, standardized and repeatable unit certification processes that deliver combat-ready units of action that are integrated into Fleet and COCOM operations. The command drives commonality between the many different capabilities. NECC provides standardization – codifying readiness and warfighting standards in training and maintenance. NECC serves as Expeditionary Force Management Agent for OPNAV, USFF, and CPF in development of GFMAP sourcing solutions; providing JOPES/TPFDD. The U.S. Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) is homeported in Williamsburg, VA, with an active battalion located at Cheatham Annex; with forward-deployed detachments around the world and reserve battalions located across the United States. NEW TOOL FOR AIRWAY MANAGEMENT Dual-Air TM Adjustable Oral Airway | 1-888-812-7474 | Adjustable Oral Airway DA 200 Pediatric : 50 – 70 mm DA 100 Adult : 70 – 100 mm DA 300 XLg Adult: 80 – 120 mm Non-Gagging: Unconscious Semi-conscious Alert Improved: • Ventilation Port • Suctioning access • Adaptability • Comfort • Stays in Place Simplified: • Selection • Storage • Application • Rapid MCI Response Three Sizes: (Cage Code 6JA31) All with 5 mm half-steps Seabees assigned to Underwater Construction Team (UCT) 1 conduct surface supplied diving operations off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. UCT-1 provides a capability for construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of ocean facilities in support of Naval operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Sean Furey/Released) GLOBAL PROJECTION NAVY EXPEDITIONARY COMBAT COMMAND NP&FP and DoD P&E | Summer 2017 | 15

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