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The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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WHEN TO DO WHAT IN YOUR JOB SEARCH THE GUIDE THE GUIDE WHEN TO DO WHAT IN YOUR JOB SEARCH "Of all the methods of job searching for my first practice, I enjoyed using PracticeLink the most. I was searching for two jobs, as my wife, who is also a physician, was also looking. Using PracticeLink allowed us to be in the driver's seat. Instead of wasting time with phone calls about jobs we didn't want, we could contact the positions that interested us. We ended up finding jobs with the same group, and both got exactly what we wanted. We couldn't be happier and are excited to start our careers in medicine!" —Omar Naji, M.D., Family Medicine and Sports Medicine "I read PracticeLink Magazine religiously and used it to prepare for my interview and to tailor questions to ask potential employers. The magazine articles gave me the confidence and courage to ask for the things that I wanted." —Amanda Hale Reese, D.O., General Surgeon "After searching for jobs for some time, my dream opportunity was presented by PracticeLink. I applied and was promptly contacted by the recruiter. I interviewed and was offered this prestigious position! I am so thankful to PracticeLink for connecting me to my dream job!" —Avni Pandya, M.D. "I had a very good experience with PracticeLink. I found my first job through this website and had the flexibility to go over multiple job alternatives. The website is constantly getting updated and I believe is the best source of jobs available online. Will strongly recommend." –Alexey Sorokin, M.D., Hospitalist "It took about four to six weeks to be 'found' on PracticeLink. The final offer and acceptance took a few months, but the exposure on PracticeLink got me noticed. I had tried on my own for about six months. Comparing six months to six weeks told me how important PracticeLink was to my finding a practice in my sub-specialty." —James McMurry, M.D., Endocrinologist "PracticeLink did a great job putting together my profile in order to best find my future practice. I really appreciated the mailed journal for continued advice relating to several topics (practice search, CV writing, clinic management, etc.). I currently recommend PracticeLink to my fellow residents and allied professionals during their search for a future home!" —Ryan Becker, M.D., Family Medicine "PracticeLink is an excellent resource for a job search. It works! It has a wide array of job options in multiple locations. It is easy to use and the staff is very helpful." —Sasha Sutherland, M.D. Becoming a physician is hard. Finding a job doesn't have to be! makes it easy to manage your job search and find the right practice. Here's how we help physicians:

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