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120 THEASHEVILLEWEDDINGGUIDE.COM D J Newman wears many hats: father, chef, fiancé, and, after hearing the details surrounding his proposal, master planner. When the Ohio native decided to propose to Markee Armentrout, his girlfriend of two years, he called on his high school friend Tessa Woolworth, the Asheville-based wedding photographer behind Folk + Wayfarer, to devise a game plan. Their idea? Con Markee into believing that she and DJ were modeling for Tessa's portfolio in a mock photo session on a mountaintop. Before everything went into motion, though, there was one major piece of the puzzle to put in place. On the Valentine's Day a few weeks prior to The Big Ask, DJ gifted Markee a bracelet etched with what he said were the coordinates of the restaurant where they shared their first date—35.7970°N, 82.9568°W. Fast-forward to the "portfolio session" and the trio headed up to the summit of Roan Mountain. DJ knelt, pulled out a glass terrarium ring "box," and told Markee that the coordinates she was wearing on her wrist were not that of the restaurant, but of here, Roan Mountain, where he was going to propose to her. Melt much? —Caitlan Walzer Moving Mountains I M A G E B Y F O L K + W A Y F A R E R M A R C H 3 , 2 0 1 8 • M A R K E E & D J • R O A N M O U N T A I N

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