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98 THEASHEVILLEWEDDINGGUIDE.COM J o K e real weddings S E P T E M B E R 2 , 2 0 1 7 • B R E V A R D M U S I C C E N T E R • B R E V A R D J ordan Bates crashed on Kelsey Hastings's couch one Saturday after a boisterous night out on the town in Fort Myers, Florida, with her roommate and friends. The next morning, Kelsey, who had forgone the previous night's goings- on, woke up to find a two-page handwritten note made out to "K" (the two hadn't yet met; Jordan guessed the decorative initial on the living room bookshelf was hers). The note—later dubbed the "Plantifesto" by their wedding officiant—included a detailed education on how she could better care for her houseplants. The manifesto intrigued Kelsey so much that she called the phone number Jordan left on the note and claims she knew the letter was going to change her life, to say nothing of her plants' lives. She was right and the couple got engaged a little over a year later. For their so-called "non-wedding wedding", planner-bride Kelsey went for casual, opting for DIY signage (the duo stained plywood they purchased), walking down the aisle hand-in-hand with Jordan, and serving "brinner," that is, breakfast for dinner. And while everything didn't go as planned (the reserved aisles stayed empty throughout the ceremony as their families didn't realize they were being held for them), Kelsey doesn't hesitate to say that their ultimate wish—a Big Day that felt like being on vacation with their closest friends and families—was achieved.

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